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" We remember their love when they can no longer remember. "

My grandma is always worried about she would get Alzheimer when she is getting older and older, she said the most precious thing in her life is memory.

There is a social welfare TV program named “Forget Me Not Cafe” launched a couple of years ago, a few celebrities gather to guide a few elderly who has Alzheimer's disease, in opening a restaurant. There are times that warm our hearts when the elderly persevere to overcome their disease. This TV show has not received much attention, but it made me keep a watchful eye on this social problem.“Still Alice"was telling a story that a successful woman develops Alzheimer's disease at age 50, the obstacles she encounters, and her overall state of being from vibrant to drained. And another film “The Father" uses a view of the Alzheimer's disease patient how he feels and what he looks.

I want to use this project to raise public awareness of this disease and give more tolerance to the patients. The project shows the four stages of Alzheimer.

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