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The work is inspired by the Buddhist Buddha Sakyamuni's past, who used to be a six-toothed white elephant from two stories.


The designer attempted to use double convex rose-cut gemstones with orange sapphires, yellow sapphires and diamonds and special setting methods with 18k gold to integrate the streamlined metal form process in contemporary art, through the study of the shape of the real Asian elephant and the image of the six-toothed white elephant in Buddhist paintings and sculptures, a challenging artistic combination was carried out.


The face of the white elephant with a very divine character was embellished with precious stones, and the half side of the three ivory were separated by a square of gold and silver. It is reflected in a sharp contrast with the plain image of Sakyamuni Buddha's face.


The significance of the brooch works lies in the "metaphor of human beings with images", the six-toothed white elephant in the fable symbolizes the fullness of merit, and the work interprets the collision between contemporary and tradition, religion and nature.

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