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​" Every kind of love is blessed by God. "

Tu'er Shen ( Rabbit God ), is a Chinese folk deity who manages love and sex between homosexual people. In Chinese history, rabbits are sexless, this concept was from the popular story of Mulan, who joined the army in her father's place, went to war, and returned victorious without anyone realising she was a girl.


There is the folk tale from 17th century Fujian, a soldier is in love with a provincial official and peeps at him when the official is showering. Unfortunately, he is killed when he is exposed. But he returns from the dead in the form of a rabbit in the dream of a village elder. The rabbit tells that hades sympathises with its experience, and names it "Tu'er Shen (rabbit god) ", specialising in the homosexuality of the world mutually pleasing thing, and please set up a temple to recruit incense.


However, the history of “Tu'er Shen” has been largely forgotten even by the temple keepers nowadays.

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