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Jessie Zixi Han, born in Beijing, is a jewellery designer, contemporary artist and studying Gem-A (Gemology) at Gemological Institute of Great Britain. She joined Chinese fashion jewellery brand ARSIS in 2022 and is currently the chief designer of ARSIS.


Influenced by her great-grandfather Qi Baishi's disciple He Peixin, a famous northern seal carver and former associate professor of the Department of Chinese Studies of University of China, she developed a strong interest in humanities and arts since childhood. In 2020, she received a bachelor's degree in Fashion Jewellery from the London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London. She studied under British contemporary jewellery artist Bernadette Deddens and designer Husam El Odeh. In the same year, she founded a personal contemporary art website. Her contemporary art works won her plaudits from domestic and foreign artists, designers, collectors, experts and curators. Her works have been published on the official website of the University of the Arts London, UK art exhibitions and overseas art social platforms for publicity and display many times.


She has participated in the design programmes of well-known London fashion brands Ted Baker, Karen Millen and best-known Austrian crystal and jewellery brand Swarovski. She also worked as an intern at Matthew Calvin, a British minimalist jewellery brand, and Trends Group, the most authoritative fashion media group in China, which include popular titles such as Harper’s Bazaar China, COSMOPOLITAN, etc. She followed Ms. Xu Cong, the former marketing director of Trends Group. During the period of work, her commercial jewellery products were favored by many celebrities and often topped the sales list of the brand. In addition, she participated in the art exhibition planning curated by Ms. Su Mang, former CEO of Trends Group and former editor-in-chief of the magazine Harper's Bazaar. 


Jessie’s  artistic and commercial works mostly use the combination of humanistic society or natural aesthetics as a source of inspiration, and are good at using organic forms and innovative design methods to outline the internal characteristics of the works.






Jessie is believing that jewellery has its intrinsic beauty and it can be only brought out by those who design and work on materials with a masterful mind and skilled hands.

As a Chinese contemporary jewellery artist, she is always trying to innovate Chinese traditional materials and crafts, demonstrating them in contemporary art design. 

Portfolio Statement

-by Jessie Han 2021

China, as a country with a long history, we have many unique folk crafts and materials that not many people even know about them. If these special crafts and materials continue to be neglected by the public, then there will be no one to learn and carry on cultural inheritance, which will lead to the disappearance of these precious and priceless cultural contents in front of the public. I will use contemporary jewellery as a medium, combining with traditional Chinese crafts and modern technologies for designing challenging works and bring them to the world.

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